Fantasy published by Jason Kilgore

– Book One of the Heartstone series –

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Ever read a fantasy novel written from the dragon’s point of view?

Ingal Jehai is an ancient Gold Dragon who rules over the White Lands Federation, but at over two thousand years old, his age wears on him. A young but powerful female mage, Torra Com Gidel, ventures to Ingal’s palace to deliver a dire warning from wrathful gods, pushing the limits of her courage. When an elvish prince is assassinated in Ingal’s court, the dragon and the mage team up to investigate. As war brews between three nations, the pair uncovers a vast conspiracy by the elves to let loose domineering gods upon the land, aided by the ruthless Iron Dragon, a vicious elvish warrior-cleric, and powerful renegade spells. If Ingal and Torra fail to stop the scheme, the world of Irikara – and its wild magic – will be forever lost.

– Tales of Irikara #1 –

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Irikara is a vast and dangerous world. Can two girls survive on their own?

In this short story, the first in a series, two teen girls, Talay and her cousin Shaali, defy their cultural norms and run away to the volcanic Ruined Lands in search of a flowering plant called sulfur wort, a necessary ingredient for a healing potion to be mixed by the mysterious Old Mother Aya in order to save the life of Shaali’s younger sister. But the Ruined lands pose dangers that challenge hardened warriors. Are they up to such a quest? And are they willing to face the punishment for defying their patriarchal society? The outcome may surprise you.

– Tales of Irikara #2 –

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The world of Irikara is often brutal, but that doesn’t mean it’s loveless.

The hulking Hogroth the Merciless was renowned for his sport in the gladiatorial pits. He scoffed at the notion of love. But when his eyes met those of Filan, he knew he was in for more than blood and glory. The two soon grew beyond lust.

But no sooner had Hogroth discovered his love when Filan was kidnapped by a necromancer, the Court Mage to the king. Now the gladiator has formed a team to break into the necromancer’s castle and rescue Filan. But will it be too late?

Hogroth and his team are all too familiar with blood and the clang of metal upon metal, but can they handle the mutterings of a necromancer’s spell?

– Tales of Irikara #3 –

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The world of Irikara has many queens, but when you’re queen of one of the richest nations in the world, you must watch every step.

Esebel, queen of Taxia – called the “Winter Queen” by the peasantry – maintains poise and grace and rules from behind the scenes, maintaining order where her king falters. She is not to be underestimated, for her mind is on the preservation of the line. Walk with Esebel as she makes her rounds through the palace in this short vignette. Watch the wheels of her mind at work.

-Tales of Irikara #4 –

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The world of Irikara is full of adventurers, but few live to retirement.

Alacorn the Magnificent is done with killing orcs and seeking treasure. He just wants good soil and a healthy garden. But trouble always has a way of finding him.